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Our Outdoor Escape Rooms

When Geolocation Meets the Best of Augmented Reality

4 friends (3 men and 1 woman) are playing a game on an IPAD. They are smiling, having fun and enjoying themselves as play as a team.


Your team will be provided with an IPAD to play our cutting-edge outdoor games.

Games typically consist of 2-5 players, although we can split a larger group up into several competing teams.

Please book online before going to the location since we are not on site. We will meet you 10 minutes prior to your start time at the meeting point corresponding to the location you chose.


A wide array of puzzles and challenges that are interwoven with the developing story line. Like no other, our games seamlessly combine digital and physical puzzle elements with the more traditional treasure hunt that takes you on a journey to explore, discover and interact with different landmarks across the city.

Walking 1.5 to 2 miles will be involved.

A girl plays a game on an IPAD and grabs an empty vial in order to solve a puzzle.
Sunny day. 4 people are in park. One of them holds a tablet and they try to solve a riddle on the tablet.


Explore Grand Rapids in a whole new way! Learn a few historical tidbits along your journey and interact with virtual avatars to complete your mission.

Recreationally or competitively, whatever your style, these games are designed to keep you on your toes and above all have fun with your family, friends or co-workers.

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Magic Portal

Operation Mindfall

Bar Crawl

Black background with the word bar written in red neon lights.

Our kid and family
oriented game, to enjoy a
great outdoor experience
together with a friendly
goblin in a world of magic! Learn more.

Unlock clues hidden in the
city to stop a virus that
infects the human brain.
Can you find the antidote
in time? 14+ Learn more.

For those, 21 and older,
who want to combine fun and
delicious craft beer from
Michigan, try our bar
crawl version! Learn more.