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Reinventing Safety Training to Keep Employees Engaged

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The benefits of gamification

If people do not remember training, why do it in the first place?

Gamification has been proven to be very effective when it comes to training.

It is that simple: people remember more easily when they have fun!

At Michigan [AR] Scavenger Hunt, we believe in hands-on training combined with a fun experience to increase the retention of information.

90 minutes to save the world… safely!

An escape room experience in your facility!

  • Spy adventure
  • Props and gadgets
  • We add safety accessories specific to your company
  • Team building
  • Employees remain engaged all along the experience
  • Puzzles and activities about safety
  • Decipher codes and solve amazing augmented reality puzzles
  • Make an antidote and ultimately save the world!

How does it work?

  • Meet with our manufacturing expert
  • Identify together up to 12 safety topics you would like to cover
  • Determine together the locations for the activities in your facility
  • All our safety experiences are custom
  • We design with you great questions and puzzles to train and assess your employees on safety
  • We test run to make sure everything comes together stunningly!
  • Check with us for other languages (Spanish, French…)

And the day of?

  • We provide the iPads and the game accessories
  • We train your Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads or H&S facilitators so that they can facilitate the groups
  • They monitor that the safety procedures are done in respect of your internal standards and expectations.
  • We introduce the activity to your employees (groups of 4 to 5 employees so that everyone gets to participate in the different activities)
  • We support the groups during the experience
  • You can plan a snack and prizes at the end
  • Groups can be ranked according to the number of points they get. Extra points for extra safety!