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Event at the Children's Healing Center

Summer Camp 2019

The Children’s Healing Center contacted us because they liked the concept of our [AR] scavenger hunts. They explained to us that the kids they take care of cannot easily play in public places like parks because of their immune system. They were wondering if we could create a special version at the CHC instead.

The CHC staff has been amazing and extremely easy to work with!

We figured out a date during their Summer Camp week in July, did a full rehearsal with some staff members a few days prior to make sure everything would work smoothly for the kids and on July 12, Mikael met 3 fantastic teams of children to explain what their adventures in the world of the Magic Portal would be about.

Customized activities to fit the layout of the Center

The Children’s healing Center has a unique layout with many interesting rooms and also a fenced garden with some fun equipment.

We used pretty much every room to organize various activities that required a large set of skills. The children definitely had to put their ideas together in order to solve all the riddles and puzzles!

One or two volunteers of the CHC per group played along with the kids. They were just as amazing  as the staff, very helpful and had a great time playing with the children!

What did the children think?

Every team was successful at closing the Magic Portal and saving the world. They were super happy about their adventure! They also enjoyed a lot becoming friends with the Goblins!

The kids raved that “the [AR] Scavenger Hunt was the best Summer Camp day EVER”! What an awesome day!


“So much fun for kids to work together. Loved how much the kids enjoyed the challenge!” – Deb Winn (Program Manager at the CHC)

Group of kids having fun playing Magic Portal scavenger hunt at the Children's Healing Center

If you want to support the CHC

If you want to learn more about the Children’s Healing Center and what they do or if you want to make a donation so that they can continue to offer for free a variety of amazing activities to these kids all year long, please check out their website: